What Size?

The bowl comes in 3 sizes. Here are the stats on each:

Small - Suited for "Flat-face" breeds, puppies, small breeds, and cats. 1 1/2 cup capacity. Measures 5 ½" across the top, 1 ½" depth, 7 5/8" bottom diameter, 1 7/8" height. Available in Red Plastic or Metal.
Medium - Suited for Average size dogs (Beagle to Bernese Mountain Dog). 5 cup capacity. Measures 7 ½" across the top, 2 ¼" depth, 10 ½" bottom diameter, 2 ½" height. Available in Blue Plastic or Aluminum.
Large - Suited for Giant breeds (Mastiff, Great Dane, St. Bernard etc). 8 cup capacity. Measures 9 ½" across the top, 2 15/16" depth, 13 ¼" bottom diameter, 3 ¼" height. Available in Black Plastic only.
Branding - Not too long ago ProSelect took over distribution of the brake-fast bowl. They have re-branded it as the ProSelect Slow Feeder Bow.  Both products are exactly the same.  Click Here to SHOP NOW!
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