brake-fast® Dog Food Bowl Slows Eating

The brake-fast® dog food bowl's design makes it difficult for your dog to inhale their food. The simple obstructions in its design forces them eat more slowly, which may reduce the risk of bloat or Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV). If your dog eats much too fast, this bowl might help. Also called the Slower Eating Dog Bowl and Healthy Eating Dog Bowl, this innovative bowl has been veternairian tested and recommended. By eating more slowly your dog will feel more full and reduce problems associated with eating too fast (such as vomitting & 're-eating', bloat, gas, etc). The brake-fast® dog food bowl has a simple design that really works! The plastic version is durable, heavy duty, and dishwasher safe. The metal version is made of either stainless steel or heavy die-cast Aluminum with non stick coating on both sides. Either version is the perfect solution for a dog that eats too much too fast.  Click Here to SHOP NOW!